An entrepreneur on a quest to build a legacy.
I’m Priyanka B, an entrepreneur, Forbes NY Business Council Member, and UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate. As a leader, I strongly believe that the forces of nature often shine on those who give back. The more you give to the world, the more you get in return. For me being an asset to society has been a rewarding experience both personally and professionally.

Join me in my efforts to make the world a better place for our future generations. A place that we are proud to hand off to our children.

Let’s make change happen!

About me
We are driven by certain values: mine are determination, frankness, and fairness. I was born into a business-breathing family, and marketing has always been my passion.

I started working at the age of 16, under my father’s guidance. I founded my first company at 21. I graduated from St. John’s and Fordham while working full-time managerial positions.

It will soon be a decade since I began this journey. In the meantime, I’ve seen good ideas turn into excellent products. I watched great teams form and disband. I have experienced success, but also failure. And I’m here to share what I learned so far with everyone – and to keep growing.

My Career


I began working as a Carrier Relations Executive for Bridgevoice, a telecommunications company. During this year, I focused on end-to-end-sales and partnered with global carriers to manage 30 accounts. Over the next two years, my team would end up gaining more than 40 new accounts.


Moved to the US with my family, and took a position as a Cross-vertical M&D Associate for Broadband Telecom and Panamax Infotech (Bankai Group) in New York City. I centered on market research and database management, working along with tech departments to implement cross-functional sales strategies for the Voice and Technology verticals.


Graduated from high school and started my undergraduate studies at St. John’s University. In addition, I grew into my Cross-vertical M&D role at the Bankai Group of Companies.


With just $100 of initial investment and a team of two, I founded Cozmic Group, a digital agency. In the following quarter, the company had grown into a team of six. On top of overseeing operations, I focused on closing leads and working on multilevel marketing and business strategies.


Obtained my B.S. in Marketing from the Tobin School of Business at St John’s University, and started to pursue my Masters at Fordham University. By now, Cozmic Group had grown into a stable company, which allowed me to move up the ladder at Bankai Group – this time, as a Management Associate.


With Cozmic Group turning a profit, I exited the company and concentrated on my Masters, as well as on my work as a research assistant at Fordham.


Graduated from the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University with an M.S. in Marketing Intelligence & Harvard Business school with Masters in Fintech after which re-joined Bankai Group as a Director and Group Strategist to work on FinTech and Voice Technology. In parallel, I’ve founded BeeHively, a sustainable bee harvesting company.

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Key Skills

Full Stack Marketing

Business Management

Primary & Secondary Research

Pricing Psychology & Consumer Behavior

Leadership & Team Management

Corporate Consulting


“It is rare that you come across a student as dedicated to understanding marketing as a discipline as Priyanka. She loves the subject, and her enthusiasm shines through. Priyanka was my student in all three of my courses: Analytics for Consumer Insight, Marketing Strategy, and Service Marketing, so I can attest to her very strong, well-rounded marketing skills. Moreover, she received a gold medal from the national marketing honor society. I have no doubt that she will be a successful marketing scholar or a leading marketing executive in the near future.”

Timothy Keiningham, Ph.D
St. John’s University

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